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Profitability and safety aren’t contradictions at Layher.

Mobile towers. More heavy duty scaffolding can require 5, 6 or even up to 8 board’s width.

Working height: 6.

If you feel more comfortable with a greater overhang, the 9ft boards will be a better choice for you with 7ft spans.

load on an area of 0,2m x 0,2m: 1,5kN single load. . Layher scaffolding is flexi-ble to use, quick to assemble and offers lasting value thanks to the long service life of all components.

21 m) Width: 3’7″ (1.

60 years now. . Permissible live load: 2 kN/m² (scaffolding group 3).

07 m (6 ft 9 in) or 2. Three basic elements – standard, ledger, diagonal brace – in practically­minded dimensions, together with application­oriented expansion parts, make up the Allround system.


Quality from Layher means state-of-the-art.

MORE QUALITY People talk a lot about quality. In the case of figure 2, the end of a ledger or transom sits above and below a rosette (welded to standards at 500mm centres or clamped on to secure tubes and levels between the 500mm centres).

The versatile: Layher Allround Scaffolding®. The SoloTower from Layher is a small rolling tower that can be assembled quickly, safely and easily by a single person, up to a working height of 6.

Permissible live load: 2 kN/m² (scaffolding group 3).
Layher scaffolding systems, rolling towers and ladders play an important role in ensuring safer high-level access all over the world, on construction sites or in event technology.
Quality from Layher means state-of-the-art.

In response to the current situation, the company Layher completely stopped all material deliveries to Russia with effect from March 25th, 2022.

In a scaffolding with 2 meter floors (floors on every 4th rosette with a rosette distance of 50 cm) this means that many workers cannot walk upright through the scaffolding.

Layher Scaffolding System The Layher Scaffolding System is commonly referred to as a “ring system” and is regarded as the best scaffolding system available in today’s market. Here we include a small selection of our brochures, catalogues, user guides and technical documents. .

Scaffolding Accessories. Rosettes are welded to each standard at 0. . Layher scaffolding brochures, catalogues, downloads and videos. The Allround FW System.

The versatile: Layher Allround Scaffolding®.

As scaffolding for working, protection, façade work or support, as internal or birdcage scaffolding, or as rolling towers. .

The use of high-tensile steel allows reduced wall.

Rosettes are welded to each standard at 0.

The rosette can safely and securely accommodate up to eight individual connections at a single node point.


† using Layher’s reinforced base jacks and head jacks (U-heads) † additional bracing (ledgers and diagonals), and/or † joining standards with our unique twin wedge couplers For example, a single 1.