For 4 yuan or 4.

Comparing these two agents, obviously sugargoo is the cheapest based on your location, shipping prices are different from agent to agent and to country to country.

. Scan QR code or download directly from the App Store.


Whichever weight is larger, whether it is volume or pure, that is what will be charged.

Ho sentito che CSS tende ad essere poco più economico, ma più lento. My CSSBuy > China W. 22 comments.

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. So I heard a lot about CSSBuy, SuperBuy, Sugargoo.

For Yupoo orders you should also enter.

Sugargoo is decent and has actually refunded me a.

. Grab the address and ship to there using sugargoo parcel submission.

Sugargoo: Submit Parcel for international shipping (Beginner’s guide) - 3 July 2022 Countries that Agents don’t Ship to – A Global Agent Overview - 15 June 2022; TransitBuy. A bot to compare all taobao/weidian shipping agents - Superbuy, WeGoBuy, CSSBuy, SugarGoo, CityGoBuy, BaseTao etc.

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Calculator. depending on the line. Invite.

Company Name: CSSBUY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Prepare to pay a decent amount because they only use SF Express 🙄. fashionreps +5. Best. sugargoo vs cssbuy. .

Hey guys! I have a 14 kilo haul I want to ship to Europe.

. You can buy from Yupoo, Weidian or WeChat on Cssbuy through the Quick Buy page.



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Sugargoo is 90¥.

If you haven't joined the CSSBuy discord community, do so with this Link! There's free coupons, constant giveaways, & 24/7 chat to help with a QC, or any order / parcel.