Click Advanced Options > Troubleshoot > Command Prompt.


Jun 13, 2019 · Unfortunately I haven't had the time to dig into the cause of the problem. Press CTRL+Shift+ESC.

May 18, 2023 · Open Windows File Explorer.


While you respond to that, here's a few things you may attempt: Step 1: Performing a hard reset. Non-working things I already tried. .

The easiest fix for Windows 10 boot problems is Safe Mode.

Run a Repair Command. Apr 17, 2023 · Turn off the PC and restart. Hard drive-related error messages such as 'No Boot Device,' 'No Bootable Device,' or 'Boot.

This screen presents the three Safe Mode options, as well as options to enable or disable functions such as debugging and automatic restart. Then post the link here to the zip file, so we can take a look for you.


Be sure to check your computer monitor—if your computer seems to power on but your screen stays black, ensure your.

its not happening frequently but when am in work it happens suddenly all my works are unable to save when screen went black please help me about this problem. .

booting off USB with something from the motherboard manufacturer like maybe flashing the BIOS again this time with the right one. If you get the Windows 10 black screen with a cursor after login, you should first try pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete key combinations to see if it brings up the Task.

If your computer still isn't displaying anything on your monitor, proceed to Step 12.
Clicking Restart launches the second Startup Settings screen (Figure 3).
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart the Computer.

Using different USB ports (front/back) Changing the current boot order temporarily (F12) and permanently using BIOS (ENTF) Searching in the BIOS for settings that could affect the boot behavior.


. The fact that you are not getting an CMSO beeps indicates that it is not even POSTing properly, so it could easily be CPU, RAM, Motherboard. The display is blank or black.

Step 2. ), then choose to share those and get a share link. . #4. A blank screen does not necessarily indicate a broken video card, it could be anything in the pre boot sequence. .

This indicates a video or display issue on the computer.

), are normal. Optimize your startup applications.


), then choose to share those and get a share link.

Aug 13, 2015 · This will start the Windows recovery environment.

And also have a Pci-e card fitted.

The reason when pressing the key to enter the bios you are met with a black screen.